24 Jun

Today we went to Saunder’s Orchard to get peaches. It was extremely hot, but well worth it! Before we went to the orchard, we stopped at our very favorite Thai place to grab lunch… If you have a thing for Thai food (you all know who you are), then Thai Siam is a MUST. I would drive 40 minutes any day for that kind of quality Thai food. On another note, Bradley is now 6 months old, has two teeth, and apparently is allergic to peaches. After giving her a few licks of my peach ice cream cone at the orchard, her face and head broke out in hives… very strange and definitely a little scary too. Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

…no more peach ice cream for Bradley.


One Response to “Peachy…”

  1. Kathlyn June 24, 2010 at 6:17 am #

    She’s so sweet! I can not believe how big she is!!! I think she looks just like you 🙂 I got your message and tried calling back- give me a call when you can!

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