you know you’re getting old when…

29 May

you freak out when trying to climb a tree. I haven’t climbed a tree in over 15 years… it is SO much scarier than I remember. I use to climb trees all the time when I was little… wow, how perspectives change! But it was a nice adrenaline rush… especially because everyone was telling me how mommy blue jays are VERY protective and might come attack me if I got too close to their nest… I was definitely freaking out. But more importantly, I was able to get some really cool pictures of these little baby blue jays that are the cutest little birdies I’ve ever seen. There are three of them, and they are getting ready to fly any day. It is amazing how the mom and dad birds take such good care of these three little ones. To me, it is a reminder of how amazing our Creator is.  I’m going to miss watching these precious little birdies grow!



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